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Pre-Pointe Assessments


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Begin Your Journey To Dancing En Pointe

A Pre-Pointe Assessment is a structural and functional assessment of the dancer’s strength, flexibility, technique, growth and development.


It should provide the dancer, their family, and dance teachers with specific, measurable information about the dancer’s progression to dancing en pointe. The entire dancer is assessed – not just the feet!


Get a full report with:

  • Photos

  • Explanations

  • Recommendations

  • Review options, given at each assessment (and review appointment as needed).

Barrina's Pre-Pointe Assessment Process

Dancing places extreme demands on the feet and ankles, increasing the risk of injury and impacting a dancer’s long-term career. Start right with correct technique placement and control.


One on one assessment


Full report - diagnosis and recommendations

Ballet dancer performing

Dance with confidence

We work closely with trusted medical professionals

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