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Biomechanical Assessments

All Dance Styles

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Discover The ‘Why’ Of Your Dance Pain

Can you just not improve your turnout?


Are you great in Irish soft shoes but get sore knees as soon as you dance in hard shoes?


Are your Highland pumps not giving you the support you need in 3rd half point?


A Biomechanical Assessment investigates the cause (not symptoms) of your dance worries and provides straight forward solutions.

Get a full report with:

  • Photos

  • Explanations

  • Recommendations

  • Review options, given at each assessment (and review appointment as needed).


Start Understanding Your Body's Health

Barrina's Biomechanical Assessment Process

Dancing places extreme demands on the feet and ankles, increasing the risk of injury. If you're feeling pain, we can assess and provide a solution for your dance future.


One on one assessment


Full report - diagnosis and recommendations


Dance with confidence

We work closely with trusted medical professionals

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