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Who We Are

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Georgina Barr


BA, Diploma Journ, BHSc Podiatry

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Georgina began Barrina Ltd in 2017 with the sole aim of protecting dancers against
preventable dance-related injuries. She strives to provide international best practice
dance medicine to the dance community to keep all dancers safe and healthy.

Initially providing custom pointe shoe fitting, Barrina has evolved to focus on the wide
scope of dance medicine with Ballet Pre-Pointe Assessments, All Dance Styles
Biomechanical Technique Assessments, and Custom Pointe Shoe Fittings. She
connects with local, national and international dancers, dance schools and teachers,
and dance health professionals to share knowledge and continue learning. She also
lectures on anatomy and biomechanical physiology and presents her own original
dance medicine research at local, national and international dance and medical

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